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Interactive Children’s Theatre – The Great Pirate Race

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The Great Pirate Race Math Show
Northwoods Park Community Center
8348 Greenridge Road, North Charleston, SC 29406

The Story Ship has thrilled audiences with educational workshops and performances of interactive animation, music, storytelling, theatre, comedy, and magic since 1999.  Their new math STEAM show combines all of our favorite things – board gaming, racing, music, magic and animation! The board game and animation parts of the show are projected on to a large screen. The audience is divided into two teams. The teams are in a race to get to the treasure. Each team will have to complete on stage challenges that include solving math problems and puzzles, helping with magic tricks, and performing team comedy challenges with a live pirate! This show is highly interactive with more than 60 opportunities for audience participation! Get ready for high seas swashbuckling adventure! Best suited for children in Pre-K through 6th grade.