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Glass Harp Music Performance

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Deer Park Middle School
2263 Otranto Road, North Charleston, SC 29406
10:00am, 12:55pm & 2:15pm


Brien Engel is part of a small, dedicated community of musicians helping to revive and promote the enchanting art of glass music. His instrument is a glass harp, consisting of 50 glasses of different sizes, which he plays by carefully rubbing the rims with his moistened fingers. He taught himself to play his first set in 1993 and now performs with a third generation glass harp that is one of the largest in the world. Whether played with simple melodies or complex and ethereal harmonies, glass music has an unmistakable sound. Brien’s extensive repertoire includes his own originals, popular songs, Jazz standards, and classical music, featuring historical compositions written for the glass armonica. In addition to playing music of different styles and periods, Brien’s program explores other musical instruments made from everyday materials, the history of glass and water-tuned music, and related concepts of physics and sound. Questions and song requests are welcome toward the end of the assembly.