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Horticulture Lecture & Book Signing

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Fresh Future Farm, 2008 Success Street
North Charleston, SC 29405


Author, educator, and Master Gardener Darren Sheriff, aka The Citrus Guy, is dedicated to the preservation of the basic gardening, farming, and horticultural practices that were once considered commonplace in the time before automation and modern technology. Through his publications and lectures, he shares knowledge on things like how to plant seeds and grow your own food; the importance of planting trees for not only the oxygen we breathe, but to add value to our communities, shade our houses, and maintain shelter for many woodland creatures; and how to cultivate flowers to attract bees, which are so vital to the food chain. In this lecture, he’ll discuss the many benefits of farming, or just simply playing in the garden. He’ll also share how to make intelligent choices for the your yard that increase property value and preserve the environment, as well as how to push the envelope of growing things outside of their natural boundaries – citrus fruit in the north, or exotic tropical fruit outside of the tropics. The Citrus Guy will host a book sale and signing immediately after his lecture.