Public Art Installations

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These public art installations are presented in partnership with the College of Charleston School of the Arts Sculpture Department.

Where & When

Locations vary. Free admission and parking. Installations are on view during daylight hours from May 1-31, 2019.

A Transcendent Glimpse by Anna Walker

Palmetto Gardens Park, East Montague Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405
This large scale fairy house, inspired by the artist’s childhood spent playing in the woods, is meant to evoke wonder and imagination in viewers of all ages. Curious observers may peer into the whimsical dwelling and imagine the life of the fairy that lives within.

Grace by Elijah Collins

North Charleston Senior Center at Northwood, 8708 Antler Drive, North Charleston, SC 29406
Hard, cold steel is transformed to imitate the flow and warmth of an organic material in this minimalist piece. The curving metal form is juxtaposed against a lighter wooden base to further explore the dichotomy of hard and soft, natural and man-made.

Low Poly Fox by Thomas Hutchins

North Charleston Fire Museum & Educational Center Grounds, 4975 Centre Pointe Drive, North Charleston, SC 29418
Using laser cut panels, the sculptor simplifies the form of a fox into geometric planes.

Kaleidoscope by Stephanie Mishoe

Quarterman’s Lake at Buist Avenue and Spruill Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405
This abstract geometric form composed of mirrored Lucite and colored acrylic acts as a large scale kaleidoscope. The sculpture reflects natural sunlight in dazzling colors and patterns on the surrounding surfaces.

Mod Faces by Natalea-Rae Gibbons

Greenspace at intersection of Lackawanna Avenue and Mixson Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405
A mid-century vision of repeated squares and rectangles, this abstract sculpture uses steel, brass, and copper in both smooth and hammered applications to incorporate different textures and tones. The orange and yellow hues of the brass and copper panels evoke a 1960’s color palette.

Organized Chaos by Sydney Lovice

North Charleston Senior Center at Dorchester Road, 6255 Dorchester Road, North Charleston, SC 29418
Large sheets of steel painted white resemble a tumbling explosion of paper in this playful geometric sculpture.

The Giant Shoe by Alex Lingenfelter

Greenspace at intersection of East Montague Avenue & Spruill Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405
This Pop Art inspired steel and fiberglass sculpture depicts a larger-than-life Converse sneaker, standing at 8 feet tall. The piece toys with the expression “big shoes to fill” and symbolizes personal and community growth.